Manchester United have more twits than Chelsea

The UK’s Premier League will go to either Manchester United or Chelsea over the next few weeks and the rivalry is intense. I thought I’d see who was winning in the twitter stakes between them (thanks to twitterment) and Manchester United are well ahead, proving conclusively that many people who follow them are indeed twits.

Twitter chart: ManUtd v Chelsea FC

Declaration: I support Manchester City, not that this makes me in any way biased on the issue of Manchester’s second team.

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David Brain


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  2. I should have input them in the other order I guess so as not to confuse on colours.

  3. Oh no Amelia…not you too! That’s the football equivalent of supporting the idea of the aristocracy. How do new clubs who have not had the blind patronage of the millions who crave reflected success to make up for their own inadequacies (assuming those supporters are not ‘local’ to one of the big three) break in? Money of course. Abromovich and Mourinho are the equivalent of football revolutionaries, breaking the closed shop and inter-breeding of the big clubs who hide their nasty monopolistic ways behind the cry of “tradition”. Chelsea are a challenger brand. They are Che Guevara. I hope they win the lot.

  4. “Chelsea are a challenger brand…”


    Not quite sure – Watford, Crystal Palace, Man City would all qualify as Challenger Football Brands, but Chelsea???

    And in what way are they similar to a Cuban communist freedom fighter/terrorist??

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