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This from the ever-green mind of Hugh MacLeod made me snort my coffee over the keyboard this morning. One of my current bug bears is people in communication roles talking in PowerPoint/quasi management consultancy speak. In our industry at least, it always seems to me that there is a direct and inverse relationship between the amount of times people use the word ‘strategy’ and the level of the advice they are capable of providing. One of the great things about the environment driven by the newly empowered consumer is that when these people make the mistake of talking management gibberish outside their meeting room they invariably get punished for it. now more than ever, companies need to learn to talk and act like people not machines.

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David Brain


  1. Oooh,don’t get me started. I was once in a meeting when someone uttered the immortal words: “What we need here is a measurable, implementable, deliverable”. More worrying was that everyone in the room nodded their heads, despite having no idea what the guy was talking about. Ever since, my mantra is: “If in doubt, use English”.

  2. A boss of mine years ago would loudly claim that her strategies were always more strategic than those of her rival director. Is there a bullshit bingo wiki?

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