I was reminded at the weekend that Winston Churchill’s regular refrain/command during the dark days of the war was “KBO, KBO”, which apparently meant ‘keep buggering on’. Reading some of the ‘genius’ economic commentators and analysts at the weekend (the same ones who almost to a person did NOT predict any of the current financial or economic situation) I think it’s good advice to those of us with businesses to run and manage rather than just columns to fill. This poster from the same period apparently was put up around the UK by the Ministry of Information. I love it’s classic simplicity and the idea that people might actually do what a poster on the street instructed. Am thinking of having them put up at Edelman.

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David Brain


  1. This poster came as an A4 flyer with the Sunday Times, promoting the Imperial War Museum collections. It’s now secured nicely by alphabet magnets to the Tattersall family fridge. I will no longer panic when we run out of milk.

  2. Love the poster and a good piece fo advice that is 100% valid today. The best thing we can all do next year is keep our heads down, provide excellent client service and results, go the extra mile where we can and not panic.

    I always think the temptation in a downturn is to navel-gaze and keep burying your head in the spreadsheets and numbers to see what the situation is. In my opinion, you’ll learn more and do more good by getting out there, reassuring clients, giving them the attention they need and networking/new business-ing like crazy!

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