Content is King #1

Edelman Asia Pacific is producing huge amounts of content now for its clients. Videos, infographics, games, pictures, presentations — you name it. I plan to feature some examples here on my blog.

The first of which is this slick little film we made for RIM in India to demonstrate how people can use BBM to organise themselves into groups like this racing club in Delhi. (Click for more). Continue Reading

No, THIS is how it feels to be City

Why am I always surprised? Why do they do this to me time after time? Why could we, please, not just win 5-0 with a quick start in key games? Or if we are going to lose just get it over with quickly. But no, the City way is to raise our hopes into expectations (despite our best efforts to pretend we have kept a lid on it) then take us to the edge of despair and at the very last…they win. Well at least these days we seem to. Today in Fergie time which is wonderfully ironic. For those new to this exquisite form of torture here are a few more to prove this really is how ‘it feels to be City’. (Click for more). Continue Reading