Halal, PR, and Muslim Consumers


A month ago we were asked about how MNCs are seeking a more effective dialogue with the Muslim consumer, the motivation from clients for seeking such specialist advice, and the challenges brands face in communicating positively with this huge market. Here is what we had to say.

What are the biggest challenges facing brands when interacting with Muslim consumers?

Edelman is very interested in developing how we approach authentic and respectful messaging and dialogue with Muslim consumers, not just through our operations in the Middle East but also to Muslim audiences in our key markets such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The rise of middle-class disposable income in these countries, and a greater articulated pride in Islam over the last 40 years, has brought a determination on the part of Muslim consumers to assert their wish for halal products. In the past, many may have accepted that convenience foods, for instance, may not be halal, but now they expect to shop with fidelity to their faith. And this is more than just the ingredients in food: halal also refers to actions and relates to packaging and promotional approach. (Click for more). Continue Reading