Byrne Baby Byrne

Brilliant name for a blog. My old friend Colin Byrne, CEO of Weber Shandwick in the UK, has launched his blog and the significance is that he is a real PR and PA heavyweight joining the conversation. He says about his entry into the blogosphere that, “I feel a bit like the embarrassing uncle staggering Travolta-like onto the dancefloor at the wedding” as he’s new to it. My suggestion is put him into your RSS now, because he is a great communicator and thinker and I have a feeling this blog is going to make news every now and then.

David Brain


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  2. Went to the blog – thanks for the tip. Can’t say that I agree with all his thoughts, but that is the point I guess of blogs. It certainly prompted me to leave a post and a question for him!

  3. Ameila,
    Yes i guess that’s one of the good things about them. At least he’s not another blogger who blogs about blogging. I think we have enough of those now.

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