What is Facebook?

OK, today I started getting emails on Facebook from a client. A whole host of colleagues have been doing this for some few weeks now. Robert Scoble says he only looks at press releases via his Facebook page. It is SO not just a social network. In some ways it is better than Outlook because the contacts are permanently updated by their owners, but of course, only a fraction of my Outlook contacts are on it, though I can imagine a day when they are. And just now I learn from our HR team that Edelman employees are being approached by competitors on it. It is a bright and brave new world is it not?


David Brain


  1. I told all my contacts about three months ago that I was migrating from LinkedIn et al to consolidate my social network on Facebook – and I have to say it was a terrific decision. I feel much more connected to what people are doing than I ever did with other social nets.

    And for a good example of integration with real world activities, see this Facebook group for the Innovation Reading Circle:


  2. I am very fashinated by FaceBook Idea, but I find it terrible in usability. I think that it should be object by a strong study in making it more usable.

  3. I was invited to join facebook, by a person I trust. I joined it. Suddenly almost all of my contact list friends were invited to join facebook, WHITHOUT my agreement. The invitation apparently was made in my name. I find it not honest. People were offended. How do I find out the way to UNDO some of these invitations? Could the facebook responsibles mail me an explanation?
    Thanks N.Nevo

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