PR’s time to lead

Harris Diamond, CEO McCann-Erickson

Richard Edelman will make a speech in Melbourne next week at the World PR Forum in which he will say it is PR’s time to lead and he will support this with his usual eclectic analysis of global cultural, political and media events and some examples of where PR thinking has changed the direction and strategy of some big firms. We need to move our clients and employers from ‘perception management’ to real action addressing real issues he will say. It’s a cracker so look out for it. Continue Reading

Michelle Hutton and Content in Australia

In this sixty second view, CEO of Edelman Australia Michelle Hutton gives her thoughts on content in the Australian marketplace. She explains that video and storytelling are exactly what marketers are looking for from all of their communications partners, and how Edelman Australia plans to take advantage of this major opportunity. (Click for more). Continue Reading

PR in the PRC

A couple weeks ago we were asked to comment on the shift in business dynamics in China and what it means for the PR industry. Here’s what we had to say.

What are the differences between doing business in Beijing and, say, Shanghai and Hong Kong for Edelman? Or for Western companies in general?

Traditionally Beijing has been the hub for influencer marketing and public affairs, while Shanghai has been the center for consumer marketing opportunities. Doing business in Beijing is often about getting things done locally within China, while in Shanghai it’s more about providing an open face to global markets and commerce. Recently our Hong Kong office’s approach and offerings have moved toward the more strategic and regional. Hong Kong remains a regional financial and corporate hub, so many of the briefs and projects we work on are for companies seeking regional strategic counsel. Increasingly though we’re seeing more companies looking to our Hong Kong office for help in the public affairs, sustainability and issues management areas. (Click for more). Continue Reading